Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finding Nemo...

...on Ice!

Yesterday, as a birthday gift from a friend, we saw Finding Nemo on Ice. Now, I've been extremely excited about this - for myself (since I've never seen a Disney on Ice production before) and for my son (who absolutely loves Nemo, Dory, Bruce, Mr. Ray, Crush, and the rest of the gang).

Now, I planned this perfectly. The last World Arena show we saw was a disaster trying to get there (traffic was absolutely horrible and I was thirty minutes late). This time, I got off work early, picked up my son from daycare, and headed for home to pack his stuff (diapers, juice box, book and toy for entertainment, camera, etc). I did this while we waited for Scott to get home from work. We were loading up the car when Scott arrived. We then immediately headed out. Traffic was decent (Friday night rush hour wasn't that shabby). We stopped at a Culver's drive-thru (they were packed - we waited about twenty minutes there). After getting our food, we drove straight to the World Arena for up front parking (we were in the third row). It was about 40 minutes until show time. So, we ate our dinner before heading inside.

Inside, we immediately bought our son a huge plush Bruce (the shark). $24 for this guy! Then we quickly found our seats. I knew we were in a lower level section, but row L is 12 rows up. And seats 7-9 would be in the middle of the row - or so I thought. We had one of those short rows with five seats in it, so we weren't in the middle of a long row. To top that off, the other two seats in that row were empty the entire time! We had the whole row to ourselves.

Before the show started, we bought - two large sodas, two large popcorn (we had a coupon), a souvenir cup snowcone, cotton candy, and a commemorative Nemo hat. This was all $32. Eek! We only brought $78 with us. This left us at $17 (we had to pay for parking, too).

Tristan was confused at first and getting agitated. But once the show started, he just sat there. In awe, surprise, amazement, everything all at once. Our son sat and watched the whole thing, a few words here and there, but just sat and watched. During the intermission, we received a compliment from a lady who sat behind us. She asked how old Tristan was, and before we could respond, she said that he has been such a well-behaved child. I don't know if it is a reflection on our parenting skills (or perhaps his love for Finding Nemo shined), but I was proud to hear a stranger say that about our son. Either way, we had a blast.

During intermission, we bought one more souvenir for our son - a glowing Nemo. When you push the button, it lights up and the lights spin around inside a translucent Nemo.

Our son was definitely tired after the whole thing. It was nearly 10pm (his bedtime is between 8 and 8:30). He fell asleep almost immediately after leaving the parking lot.

To be continued...


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