Sunday, September 13, 2009


On Friday nights, Scott usually heads over to his friend’s house and plays board games.  Not your average board game like Monopoly and Candyland.  They play games such as Ubongo,  Wasabi, and Small World.  You see, Scott’s friend Joe is an avid collector of board games.  By avid collector, I mean he has hundreds of board games (I really don’t know the exact number but I think it is close to five hundred).  Before Scott met Joe through a mutual friend, Joe had started a group called the Friday Night Gamers.  It is a group of friends (some have come and gone) that hang out at Joe’s to play board games on, you guessed it, Friday nights.  Joe must have the most tolerant wife ever, because it gets pretty crowded in their home most nights and it is usually around 3am when the last few people leave (this includes Scott on most occasions). 


Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I really didn’t care much for Scott leaving me alone with the kids on Friday nights (he’s worked nights, so I have the kids by myself just about every night except Saturdays because of his gaming habit).  I’ve tried going with him and while it is a blast to play, it isn’t so much fun trying to keep track of two little ones – and finding a babysitter on Friday nights is pretty hard for us. 


Honestly, it isn't so bad that he hangs out with his buddies on Fridays.  It is better than the alternative, such as going to bars, drinking, and so on.  Oh, I forgot to mention that Joe’s is a non-alcoholic establishment.  Joe is a family man and besides, board games are better played when everyone can think straight.


So, why all this game talk?  I’ll get to that in a second.


Scott bought a motorcycle two summers ago for the first time.  It was a small starter bike.  But he was excited to have a motorcycle.  That same summer Joe bought one (actually I think he got two – one to work on  and one to ride).  Over the last two years, at least four others from the gaming group have bought motorcycles.  My father (not associated with the gaming group) bought a motorcycle this past summer.  Apparently, Scott started some motorcycle fever.


Well, the gaming group now has an official subsection of just motorcycle riders.  So, the idea of a patch for their leather jackets came up.  Joe worked on concept.  Scott told him that he has program that can do better.  He worked off of Joe’s idea and came up with several designs.  This is one they liked but it wasn’t “perfection” yet.image


I, then, volunteered my services to create a patch.   I was told to incorporate dice, a motorcycle, the checkered pattern, and the text included in Scott’s design.  I didn’t get far with the text, but here are my first two concepts:


Mary-Concept_2   Mary-Concept_1


They loved my concept, but liked Scott’s elements (the motorcycle, his dice, flaming text).  While I really, really love my die, I had to go with the group’s concept.  It isn’t my patch anyway. 

So with some collaboration with Scott, we came up with this:



From what I gathered, it is being submitted for proof and pricing with a patch making company. 


So, this is what it would possibly look like on the back of a jacket. 



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