Friday, September 5, 2008

My shower postponed...

This week is a very solemn week at work. An employee of over 15 years passed away from cancer. While we knew it was eventually going to happen, it still is a shock to many of my colleagues. I didn't know the employee very well nor did I work with her before. I am saddened by what has transpired but not near as saddened as others who have worked with her. At least now her pain and suffering has ceased and she is, I hope, in a much better place.

I had told my friend, who is doing my shower, that if she would like to reschedule the shower, I would understand. She worked side-by-side with the employee that passed away this week. I could not celebrate when such a sad event has occurred. And I wouldn't expect her to do so either. As such, my shower has been postponed until the following Sunday (14th). I'm not sure if I was ready for it anyway. I always feel awkward receiving gifts.

One of my three bosses (I technically have one, but I'm just outside the offices of three executives), came to me today and said that he and the two other bosses would like to get me something for the baby. He told me that once my shower is over, he told me to tell him what we still needed. I'm not sure what he's planning, but I told him that he and the others didn't have to. Regardless, he still wants to do something nice for me and the baby.

This week was Tristan's first week of no daycare. I am really sad about this. He loves playing with his friends, always looked forward to seeing his teachers, and the activities they do. He's learned so much and his day is nicely structured. In fact, they were already putting him in the preschool room during his last week there. The benefit of keeping him home is mostly monetary reasons. It'll really help us save money having our friend Dani watch him. Fortunately, he has a playmate, Arianna. I'll have to get some pictures of the two of them playing. Scott watches Tristan in the morning until he leaves (around 1:00pm). Dani takes over and she watches him until I get home (between 5:30 and 6:30). The nice thing about the set up we have is that Scott gets plenty of "Daddy" time with Tristan - despite his new evening schedule. Another nice thing is that Tristan is only watched four days a week (Scott is off Friday's & Saturday's, I'm off Saturday's & Sunday's), and for only 5 hours a day. In order to keep him busy and learning, I've been spending my evenings with him reading, doing art time, and taking him outdoors (the weather has been mild - 70's for temperatures and no rain). I try to emphasize with Scott that he needs outdoor time when he has him, too. And if he can do activities with him, that would help. I don't want him to grow bored, especially after having most of his days full of art, singing, reading, learning, and so much more.

Today, I guess he was a bit of a handful for Daddy. He kept getting into stuff, disobeying Daddy, and more. I told him that it is the social interaction and the activities that he misses. Since he isn't getting it, it is probably confusing him and causing some frustration. Well, since Daddy went to gaming tonight, I decided to let my son have some art time before winding down for bed. Here are some pics of my beautiful boy painting:

After art time, we cleaned up, hopped into bed and read a few books. He's gotten up three times since. :( Some nights he's great, other nights he keeps coming out of his room. Tomorrow, if the weather is okay, I'll take him to the park. He loves the slides and the sand pit. It'll help him get rid of that energy he's been building up inside all week. Sunday, he's going to the zoo with Grandpa.

Well, I'm heading out for the night. I'm tired. Although, I need to step it up, I've only got 5,200 steps on my pedometer. Actually, I usually don't get more than 4,500 steps, but yesterday I walked on my lunch break and broke 7,000. I'll explain the pedometer thing some other time, though.


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