Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hello and welcome... my blog! Yeah, I know a bit off the wall, but hey, I'm excited. Before I begin this semi-brand new world of blogging (is that a word?), I should explain myself. Or should I?

Okay, okay...enough already, right?


My name is Mary. Yeah, I know, a bit plain and biblical (not a bad thing, though), but its my name. So why name my site: Well, the only time my family has ever call me Mary is when I'm being introduced to other people. They call me Miean. That's been my name since I was born, or so I've been told. By the way, it is pronounced: mee-ann. Simple as that.

Okay, so you can call me Mary (most people call me that), Miean (mostly family and some really close friends), or a myriad of other names: MJ, Mary Jane, "hey you", etc. Or you don't even have to call me anything. I won't be hurt.

About me...I'll cover that in a later post in detail, but in brief:
I am a daughter (to a mother in heaven and a father now known as "grandpa")
I am a sister (to a stubborn, yet wonderful brother and a cute as a button baby sister)
I am a wife (according to common law, I suppose)
I am a mother (to the most cutest, most intelligent, most adventurous toddler)
I am a mother-to-be (due Oct 5th)
I am a student (on break for the moment)
I am an administrative assistant (but I do the job of five people)

Alright, so now you know something about me (hey, "Something About Mary" - dang I should have made my website that name - though it is probably already taken - btw I've actually never seen the movie). I would like to explain my blog title (subject to change assuming I am allowed to change it) and why I am here.

People start blogs for many reasons: creativity, share experiences with friends and family or the whole world, let out their feelings, and much, much more. So, where do I fit in? I simply don't know. I started a blog after my son was born two years ago. In fact, I tried two blogs at the time. One on yahoo and one with windows live. I don't even remember my site names so I could still have a blog with pictures and a few posts of my son's earliest days. After my mother passed away (my son was just a few months old), I kind of lost track. Even when I tried to get back on track, well, I don't think I actually found the track. And way before that, I had a blog with LiveJournal. But, when things went sour with a friend I was communicating with through LiveJournal (we're on barely email once a year terms now), I stopped using it.

Now I ask myself, what makes this time different? What makes me think I'll actually keep this up? What makes me think that I have something remotely interesting to say? I don't know. I was introduced to this site by a friend of mine in Texas. She's about to have a baby (in fact she's overdue). And she has an adorable little girl. She mostly blogs with pictures and short home movies. Not much writing, more of an online picture album of her growing family. I thought to myself that would be fun and not too difficult. But I have a picture album online. In fact you could see it right now if you want. There aren't too many pictures, but most of my son and some of my sister. Just go to
. So, I think I'll do a bit of a mix of things. This will be my space to get out some thoughts (they might actually be intelligent), share some neat things going on in my life, and show off my son and soon-to-be baby.

So how does that sound? Boring for most, but to me (and maybe a few family and friends) a bit interesting and somewhat entertaining (well that last one was for me mostly). My family would agree that I'm just a bit on the odd side - I was always the black sheep. But I think that it makes life a little less dull and maybe a bit more fun. Oh, and the title "To Be Continued...". As you can tell, my track record with blogs - not so good. I figure, if I title it something like that (and end each post with "to be continued") I might actually be more motivated to come back and post more. I don't know, one of those psychological tests I'm trying out.

Here's my promise to this blog (and to you, the reader of this blog)...

  • To post an update at least once a week! Even if it is a one-liner with a picture attached, that'll work. But I have to post once a week.
  • Keep it G rated - my intention is to share this with family and friends - quite honestly I'm not into the obsenities and such - so if that is what you're looking for - you've got the wrong place.
  • Be honest - what's more pathetic than lying to your own blog. It means that you're lying to yourself (and not to mention the whole world) about the things in your life.
  • Be fair, partial, and understanding (when possible) - I'm not trying to offend anyone, take certain sides, or twist truths. If you have a valid issue with something I say or post, let it be known to me and I will do what I can to right a wrong (if applicable, because sometimes I'm just right - joking)
  • Keep it real (meaning don't let this become an obsession)

Alright, so this is it. I put it in words what I want to do with this blog. Now, I just have to keep up with it. I have to log in and post. But can I do it? Only time will tell.

In an upcoming blog, I will write a more formal introduction - although, I'm sure you've learned plenty with this one.

To be continued...


About This Blog

My name is Mary and I'm a working mom with two beautiful children. I've worked for over seven years at a credit union, currently as an administrative assistant. Last fall, I went back to school and started on a Bachelors in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Elementary Education.

My hobbies, when I have time, include photography, sewing, photo processing, digital scrapbook, online gaming, reading, role playing games like DnD, and board games. But what I really love doing is just being a mom to my two children, Tristan and Melayna.

Tristan, whois four, is an awesome big brother and such an intelligent little boy. He loves Transformers, animals, Dr. Seuss books, and eating.

Melayna, who is one and a half, has definitely taught her momma patience. Unlike her easy going brother, she is curious and persistent. And if something stands in her way, she will definitely let you know her displeasure. Regardless, she is a sweetheart and daddy's little girl.

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