Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby laughter

While she hasn't done the full on chuckle yet, this was close enough. While I was at work, Daddy got her to laugh a bit and recorded it for me. Oh, I hate missing the good moments. However, I was able to get her going pretty good last night.

I know I have some updating to do, but all I can spare for time right now is just uploading videos and pictures. I've been so busy with everything. I get up, get the kiddo ready for preschool, get ready for work. Work itself has been extremely busy. I come home for lunch (10 minute drive one-way, but I have an hour lunch), feed the baby, eat lunch, and rush back to busy work. After work, I pick up the kiddo, come home, get the baby from our neighbors, start on dinner (while trying to keep te baby happy), and do our evening routine (dinner, bath, storytime, and bedtime). It seems that I'm always on the go. The only time I can relax a bit is after Tristan goes down for bed (the baby may or may not be sleeping, though). Blogging has been the last thing I've wanted to do when I get to unwind for the evening. Sometimes I don't get to unwind, because after Tristan and Melayna go down for the night, it is my only chance to get some cleaning done (dishes, laundry, straigtening up, etc). So, that's how my days have pretty much been. The weekends aren't near as hectic, but I've been in a vegging mood wanting to do nothing when I can. Weekends are our opportunities to do grocery shopping, major cleanings (cleaning the bathroom, finishing laundry, etc), and just hang out together. I hope that I'll have a chance later this week to post about our holiday. I've had a great time reading about other's holidays, from homemade holidays to coming home from China with a new little daughter to a trip to Disneyland. The one thing that I enjoy most about the holidays, which everyone seems to also enjoy, is being with family. Enjoying time spent with my family is the best part. Its only going to get better as the kids start to understand the fun of Christmas morning when Mommy makes a gigantic breakfast for the whole family and they get to open their gifts from everyone.


About This Blog

My name is Mary and I'm a working mom with two beautiful children. I've worked for over seven years at a credit union, currently as an administrative assistant. Last fall, I went back to school and started on a Bachelors in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Elementary Education.

My hobbies, when I have time, include photography, sewing, photo processing, digital scrapbook, online gaming, reading, role playing games like DnD, and board games. But what I really love doing is just being a mom to my two children, Tristan and Melayna.

Tristan, whois four, is an awesome big brother and such an intelligent little boy. He loves Transformers, animals, Dr. Seuss books, and eating.

Melayna, who is one and a half, has definitely taught her momma patience. Unlike her easy going brother, she is curious and persistent. And if something stands in her way, she will definitely let you know her displeasure. Regardless, she is a sweetheart and daddy's little girl.
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