Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Four weeks!

Melayna is four weeks old today. I can't believe the time is going by so quickly. I really don't want it to. Each day that passes brings me closer to the end of my maternity leave (I go back to work December 23rd).

She has grown so much in just four short weeks. Last week, at her check-up, she was already 8lbs 14ozs! In just three weeks she had gained 1.5 lbs. I can already tell that she's gained more since last week, too. Her legs are filling out a bit and her face has rounded out nicely. She and I still struggle with nursing - she's an instant gratification baby. She really doesn't like using a binky, but it does help calm her down if she's getting too upset - although, she'd rather nurse than take a binky.

In just four short weeks, she's...

....gone on a nature walk (she slept the whole time in the sling)
....been to the mall (got to start the girl early, right? - just kidding)
....been to a pumpkin patch (again, sleeping in the sling)
....been to Friday Night gaming - twice - (it is a group of Scott's buddies that play board games - the not-so-typical board games)
....lost a relative (and she made her great-grandma happy by sleeping peacefully in her arms)
....smiled (not in her sleep - but she's only done it twice - once for me and once for Scott)
....held up her head (she's getting good at it, too, especially when we do 'tummy time' on the floor)
....gone out of city limits (we visited a friend in a different city - more like out in the country - they have a ranch with horses)

and the list goes on.

Despite giving me little sleep, I love this child so much. Both my children, I love with all my heart.

Precious little hands with long, slender fingers. For now they grasp at my finger. Eventually, she'll discover that they can do so much more than that. In the meantime, I'll continue to adore her cute little hands.

Monkey toes...that's right, she's got monkey toes. Both she and Tristan took after their father. I call them monkey toes (or monkey feet). Their second toe is longer than their big toe and all the other toes are long as well. Me..I don't have monkey toes. Oh, Scott and Tristan can grab stuff with their toes, too. I'm sure Melayna will learn how to as well.


sara November 1, 2008 at 7:27 AM  

I love these close up pictures of your precious baby girl!! FOUR weeks already????

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Tristan, whois four, is an awesome big brother and such an intelligent little boy. He loves Transformers, animals, Dr. Seuss books, and eating.

Melayna, who is one and a half, has definitely taught her momma patience. Unlike her easy going brother, she is curious and persistent. And if something stands in her way, she will definitely let you know her displeasure. Regardless, she is a sweetheart and daddy's little girl.

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