Friday, June 20, 2008

I want go potty...

Since we're expecting, potty training is becoming a new priority in this household. We introduced the potty before Tristan's second birthday (being hopeful but realistic that things would be slow). And things have been slow. He knows what a potty is called. He knows that toilet paper goes into the potty. He knows that you flush the potty after the paper goes in. But the concept of sitting on the potty and actually going was beyond him....until today.

Normally, if I were to ask Tristan, "You want to go potty?", he quickly replies, "No". We've had this dialog numerous times. No changes. I've even sat him on the potty when I see him trying to go, but then nothing. Just "I want off" or "I want diaper", to be followed by a soiled diaper less then ten minutes later.

However, the past few days have been different. He's been inquisitive. You see, I'm not shy about letting my son see me sitting on the potty. He's been asking me "Mommy, you going potty?". I tell him, "Yes, babe. Mommy is sitting on the potty. I'm going poo poo (or pee pee)". He asks me, "Are you okay?", probably thinking that I'm in pain. "No, babe, the potty doesn't hurt. Mommy just has to go potty." He grabs the toilet paper and hands it to me. When I stand up, he is quick to ask, "Finished?". "Yes, I'm finished. Now, Mommy flushes the toilet." And he watches as the toilet flushes and then he closes the lid.

Yesterday, though, after taking him for a swim at the pool, I was changing him out of his swim shorts and swim diaper. As I was about to get him to lay down for a fresh diaper, he began to pee on the carpet. Instead of flipping out and getting upset, Scott and I simply pointed out that he was peeing, but next time he needs to do it in the potty. We didn't make a big deal of the mess, but used it as a learning experience.

I think it paid off. This evening, Tristan suddenly told me, "I pooped". So, I go to change him and there was nothing. I asked him if he had to poo, to which he nodded. I asked him if he wanted to use his potty. He enthusiastically got up and headed straight for his potty. But less than a minute of sitting on his potty and discovering himself, he wanted a diaper. Feeling somewhat disappointed, I put a diaper on him and went about my normal routine.

No less than ten minutes later, "I pooped...I want go potty". I spring into action. I take him to his potty, we get his shorts and diaper off, and he sits. This time, after his first request for a diaper, I asked him to stay on a bit longer. After two minutes, he was getting bored. "I want toy". So, I grab a toy to distract him. But after a few minutes more, I gave in to his plea. Another diaper later, and we're back to square one.

At this point, I was getting much more disappointed, but happy that he was actually wanting to sit on his potty. Sure enough, less than ten minutes later, "I want go potty". So as to not discourage this desire, I give in. This time, I moved the potty to the bathroom (it was in the hallway for easier access - we have to keep the bathroom door closed because of the cat). A few minutes of "I want diaper" and "I want off" had passed. I was about to give up, but thought that I should encourage him a bit. "Tristan, stay on the potty until you go poop. Try to squeeze if you can." Sure enough, he tries to squeeze. Nothing. "Tristan, keep trying, I know you can do it. Just squeeeeeeeze." I was about to give up when he sat up a bit, bent forward to look at himself and in the toilet through his legs. That's when I saw it! A bit of a poopy mess on the back of the seat rim. I immediately cheered! "You did it! You did it! You went potty, baby!" I was so elated that he went. I told him that we need to clean his bottom now. I cleaned him up and put a fresh diaper on him. Then I showed him what is done with the potty afterwards - dumping the remains in the real toilet, flushing the toilet, and, most importantly, washing our hands. The whole while, I'm telling him that he's such a big boy for using the potty and how proud I was.

My hope now is that the positive reinforcement I gave him tonight will make him feel proud of himself. So proud that he will want to do it again and again and again. I am so happy that my little guy, first of all, wanted to use the potty, second, recognized that he had to go potty, and third, actually used the potty right - even after three tries. My baby is growing up so fast, it is almost bittersweet. But when I think of diaper free days (at least until baby girl comes along), I'm all smiles.

To Be Continued...


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